Improving the Trucking Industries Image Problem to Increase Recruitment

The trucking profession's negative connotations are the greatest hurdle companies and recruiters face in bringing new energy into the trucking industry. This profession is stereotypically the purview of middle-aged men with major health issues, forced to be away from their loved ones for weeks and weeks on end, leading a solitary, lonely life on the road. Think about this stereotype, does it lend itself to encouraging people new to the profession to be interested in trucking as a career?

Trucking has an image problem; companies, recruiters, and recruitment marketers need to work together to change its perception and bring new life into this industry.  Being proactive in addressing the real issues facing drivers and countering this stereotype is a major step that can increase retention and recruitment.  

Recruiters knowing how to counter these stereotypes will help you bring more people into the field; awareness of the real issues that truckers face and promoting the programs your companies offer to minimize and negate these issues, are vital to landing both new and experienced drivers. 

Recruitment marketers, we need to focus on improving the company brand, communicating company culture accurately, and ensuring all marketing avenues are dedicated to this, including job advertisements.  

To this end, our newest series will cover the issues in the trucking profession and how companies and recruiters can improve driver retention and recruitment while increasing the number of people interested in joining the profession. 

This series will focus on three main issues, health and wellness, issues facing women and minorities, and how to entice the next generation.  

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Debra Watkins covers recruitment and digital marketing for Lionzone. A Nashville native, after graduating from the University of Kentucky, Debra utilized her research and writing skills in the museum and heritage tourism fields, rising to director of two institutions, before returning to Nashville in 2020 to join Lionzone.  


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