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Interested in improving your ROI, reducing your time to hire, and improving your applicant-to-hire ratio?


Branding, Strategy, Insight

Delivering a consistent brand message across multiple channels is important to managing a successful recruiting strategy. That's why Lionzone strategists work closely with you, our client, to understand your brand and to help you deliver your message to the right target audience at the right time.  


SEM, Social Media, Video, and Mobile 

A successful Recruitment Marketing strategy requires a strategic mix of media placement. The team at Lionzone is experienced in managing campaigns across channels and understands the touchpoints a candidate might make during their online job search. 



lzRecruit is a turnkey Recruitment Marketing Program with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to manage and nurture leads into hires. 

Features of lzRecruit include:

Branded Career Sites with Job Board

Job Posting Distribution

Lead Qualification and Ranking Tools

Lead Nurturing Tools

Campaign Performance Analytics 


Why choose LZ over all the new AI products out there?

AI is getting better by the day, but it still often does not help you reach the quality of candidates that your company needs. 

Here at Lionzone, you get the benefits of AI while keeping the human touch. What that means is our staff puts their 22 years of experience to work alongside AI to bring you the best results.  


Lionzone's Recruitment Marketing Division

15+ years of Recruitment Experience

12+ years of Recruitment Marketing Experience

22+ years of Digital Marketing Experience

Industry Experience: Healthcare, Customer Service, Retail and Supply Chain 


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