April Job report and March Job Opening and Turnover Survey

The key takeaway from these two reports is that it is still a job-seekers market. Both job openings and quit rates remain at an all-time high, while the unemployment rate has held steady at 3.6%. To effectively land top talent, employees need to ensure that their recruitment marketing is on its A-game and showcase the benefits of joining their team versus competitors.

Recruitment Marketing is More than Just Ad Placement

Recruitment Marketing takes all the skills, channels, tactics, and tools you would use to market your products and puts them to work building awareness, engaging, and nurturing prospects through a well-developed candidate journey. It combines employer branding with a deep understanding of your candidates' needs, questions, and concerns to bring them the right information at the right time.

Social Marketing Stats for 2022

Social Media Marketing is a vital portion of a well-rounded omnichannel marketing plan. It is important to keep up with the changing demographics and content preferences for each platform to ensure that you are sending out the right message in the right format at the right time. Today, we will look at the demographics for social media as a whole and by platform; plus, we will look at which content formats are making the most impact. Our goal was to pull the most recent data from across the internet and put it all in one place for your ease.

Entrepreneur Zone: Website Design, Development, and Vocabulary

Welcome back to the Entrepreneur Zone- our new series that covers the basics of Digital Marketing to aid new business owners in starting their marketing journey. Last month, we discussed choosing the right domain extension for your site. We will follow the next logical step this month, designing the site itself. Today, we will explore terms you need to know, the basics of design, design elements to avoid, and trends that we see in 2022.


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