Introduction to Retention:  How to Incorporate Career Pathing into Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy

With quiet hiring, a company takes an employee and moves them to where the need is the greatest. There may be communication between the two parties about the changes, but quiet hiring is to help a company out that is struggling to meet its needs. However, by using career pathing, employers and employees can work together to create and implement plans for up-skilling and re-skilling to be ready for a move up in the company. This planning takes place years in advance, preparing for both the good and the bad times that could be ahead for any business. While the two concepts may seem similar on the surface, understanding the differences can be extremely beneficial to managers seeking to plan for every possible need a business may have.

Trucking Industry Recruitment:  Hiring Technicians in 2023

Many industry professionals believe that the problem of “too few” techs is actually a problem of “too few QUALIFIED” technicians. For some, the issue is that not enough high schools and community colleges invest in the right tools to show potential truck technicians the ropes of the job. The equipment being used in schools is already “museum-quality,” with some of the parts used as educational tools being over thirty years old; needless to say, the technology being shown to students is already outdated and won’t help them achieve any real world experience. Many schools also either can’t afford trucks or parts to train with, or don’t have the experience to buy the correct, up-to-date equipment. With electrical systems being more intricate now than ever before, the training for these integral pieces must evolve alongside the actual equipment, and many professionals in trucking do not believe that this has happened in the schools and training facilities educating the newest techs today.

Introduction to Retention:  How to Hire and Retain Millennial Workers

The largest generation at work in America today is the millennial generation. At the beginning of 2023, they make up around 35% of the entire workforce. The generation’s reputation, though, has not always been stellar. Millennials have been called everything from “lazy” to “self-obsessed” to “over-educated” to “entitled.” Just ten years ago, Time Magazine’s cover story for May was about how millennials are the “Me, Me, Me” generation, a stereotype that has been pervasive, even if not wholly accurate. However, those that once scoffed at and demeaned the work ethic of millennials are now finding that they desperately need them to either fill open positions in their company, or simply stay in the jobs they currently have. Every recruiter knows how expensive it is to replace a lost employee in this day and age, so learning how to please millennials has become a hot trend.


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