Introduction to Retention:  What is Gamification and How Will It ‘Play’ a Role in Future Retention Strategies

Many recruitment strategists, financial experts, and job market specialists will tell you that millennials make up the largest portion of the U.S. workforce. Some researchers have that number at 35%. In order to hire, engage, and retain millennials, recruiters and HR managers are having to figure out new methods that reach this generation. Through gamification, supervisors are starting to engage millennials in new and interesting ways.

Introduction to Employee Retention:  From ‘Quiet Quitting’ to ‘Quiet Hiring’

It is important to remember that open and honest communication must be the foundation of any plan to use quiet hiring. Don’t risk losing the talented employees already in the company; make sure to take their needs and desires into account before making any moves. With the right plans and discussions, though, quiet hiring may the answer that employers need to re-engage their workers and, most importantly, retain the best ones.


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