October Job Report and September Job Opening and Turnover Survey

October job growth exceeded expectations, coming in at 261,000. The trucking industry made up for losses in September, gaining 13,000 jobs in October. The number of job openings increased by 437,000 to 10.7 million. Unemployment rose to 6.1 million, and there are still 1.75 jobs available for unemployed persons. These reports show little ease in the inflationary pressures driven by an employee market.

Trucking Industry Recruitment: Status of Women in the Industry

The Woman in Trucking Index is a yearly report that showcases the percentage of women working in various roles in the trucking industry. This index shows where there has been successful growth and areas for improvement. The 2022 Index highlights eight critical roles in the trucking industry: Leadership, Board Membership, HR/ Talent Management, Technical, Professional Drivers, Dispatchers, and Safety. Today, we are dissecting the report: areas where gains are being made and areas where improvement has not yet been seen.

Trucking Industry Recruitment: Recruitment Marketing Tips for Next Gen Truckers

Recruiting young drivers and getting young people interested in driving takes more than just placing ads on job boards. It requires a full recruitment marketing strategy that reaches young people where they are and improves perceptions of this career. Today, we are looking at the steps you can take to engage young Millennials and Gen Z. We will look at the best platforms to reach this group and the content that captures their attention.

What Are Your Drivers’ Biggest Concerns With the Trucking Industry?

Understanding and addressing your drivers' concerns is the key to successful recruitment and retention. ATRI's (American Transportation and Research Institute) 2022 Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry report highlights the vast differences between drivers and carrier leadership on the industry's issues. To better understand the issues that company drivers face today, we will look at the ATRI’s critical issues top ten list point by point.

September Job Report and August Job Opening and Turnover Survey

September job growth fell slightly short of expectations, coming in at 263,000. The trucking industry lost 11,000 jobs in September. The number of job openings overall slowed, dropping to 10.1 million. Unemployment fell to 5.8 million, but there are still 1.74 jobs available for every person unemployed. These reports show little ease in the inflationary pressures driven by an employee market.


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