Entrepreneur Zone: Website Design, Development, and Vocabulary

Welcome back to the Entrepreneur Zone- our new series that covers the basics of Digital Marketing to aid new business owners in starting their marketing journey. Last month, we discussed choosing the right domain extension for your site. We will follow the next logical step this month, designing the site itself. Today, we will explore terms you need to know, the basics of design, design elements to avoid, and trends that we see in 2022.

Entrepreneur’s Zone: Domain Extensions, Do They Matter?

What is the Entrepreneur's Zone, you ask? It is our new series that will cover the basics of Digital Marketing. This series aims to provide the basic information that new business owners need to start marketing their business. Starting off our series for new entrepreneurs, today we begin your digital marketing journey with your website domain extension. A domain extension is the .com, .net, .org, etc., that ends your website name.


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