Understanding Why Drivers Job Hop

Turnover is a huge issue in the trucking industry. Turnover rates are between 95-100%, or often even higher for many carriers. With the cost to replace a driver being upwards of $13,932, retention is vital to your company's success. Understanding why drivers job hop and implementing strategies to combat this are key to a healthy bottom line and a motivated workforce. Today, we will discuss the issues at the heart of why drivers job hop, how their problems compare to employees other industries, and some steps you can take to combat job hopping.

The Importance of Employer Branding

Your company has a reputation in the workforce and with your employees, whether you created it or not. Unfortunately, many companies focus so hard on their consumer-facing brand that they spend little to no time developing and maintaining their employer brand. Today, we will discuss the signs of a strong employer brand and how your employer brand impacts your employee retention and recruitment.

Trucking Industry Recruitment: Diesel Technicians Shortage

Diesel Technicians are the backbone of every fleet, without whom your fleet cannot keep wheels on the road. According to TechForce Foundation's 2021 Transportation Technician Supply and Demand report, the demand for diesel technicians exceeds the supply of newly certified technicians joining the field by 500%. It is estimated that this need will only grow as roughly 163,000 technicians will leave the field or retire by 2030. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the need for 28,500 new technicians annually, from now to 2031. Today, we will look at the changes in the field of diesel technicians: the good news, the bad news, and where we go from here.

Trucking Industry Recruitment: Recruitment Marketing Tips for Women

Recruiting female drivers is the key to overcoming the driver shortage. As female drivers make up less than 14% of the professional driving population, women are the most untapped resource for finding new drivers. They possess the right skills to excel in the industry; the key is to showcase what trucking can do for them. Today, we will look at recruitment and recruitment marketing strategies that can aid your company in bringing more women into your organization and seating them in your trucks.

November Job Report and October Job Opening and Turnover Survey

Continuing the theme of recent months, job growth exceeded expectations, coming in at 263,000. Transportation and Warehouse saw a decrease of 15,000 jobs in November. The number of job openings decreased by 353,000 to 10.3 million. Unemployment dropped slightly to 6.0 million and remained at 3.7%. The slight drop in the number of openings and unemployment means a reduction in available jobs per unemployed person. However, the number of jobs per person remains high, with 1.71 jobs available for unemployed persons, leading to a rise in pay again this month. These reports show little ease in the inflationary pressures driven by an employee market.  


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