Trucking Industry Recruitment: The Marriage, and Subsequent Divorce, of Truck Drivers and Labor Unions

Even though they were quickly absorbed into a new organization called the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, for almost eighty years, truck drivers depended on the support of a union to help them control their pay and the routes they had to drive. So, what happened? Why are unions not as prevalent in the trucking industry today, and is that a good thing or a bad thing for truck drivers and trucking companies?

Introduction to Retention:  The Effects of “Breadcrumbing” in the Workplace

While breadcrumbing seems to have mostly negative connotations, there are a few positives to be found. If an employer leaves breadcrumbs to motivate their employees and then follows through with a full meal, many workers will find that acceptable and stay with the leader. TopChro says “good managers use behavioral reinforcement to develop their team members through rewards and recognition.” However, there is a big difference between using these breadcrumbs for motivation, versus simply leading a worker on to keep them compliant and doing their job.


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