Trucking Industry Recruitment:  The Effects of Mixing Truck Driving and Traffic

For the trucking industry, controlling losses has to become a top priority. With rising gas prices and less overall freight being shipped throughout the country, every dollar matters in today’s economy. While human lives are the most important piece to protect, it is imperative to consider that new trucks are over $150,000. Maintenance may be expensive, but a new truck is definitely not going to come cheaper. What can management do to help drivers in preventing accidents?

Introduction to Retention:  Bringing Positivity to Every Office Environment

Or are you one of those that leaps up from your slumber, excited to begin a new day “on the job from nine to five”? No matter which one is more applicable to any given person, everyone deserves to spend their day in an environment that is both comfortable and cooperative. Every manager can say that they promote a positive office environment, but it is another matter entirely to fulfill that promise to a staff.

Introduction to Retention:  Removing Toxicity from the Workplace

Sometimes, when dealing with negative employees, it becomes necessary to let some workers go. Make sure everything has been written down and documented before doing so; it is important to keep evidence of negativity if it is needed. However, keep an eye on the rate at which employees leave as well. Many potential candidates take note of rapid turnover because it is usually indicative of a toxic workplace, and, with retention rates being extremely important in 2023, do everything possible to bring positivity forth out of negative workers before letting them go. Remove workers who thrive on negativity but make sure that they are not damaging the employer brand on the way out.

June Job Report and Turnover Survey

Several sectors saw decreases in job openings. The Finance and Insurance and the Healthcare industries saw losses of 139,000 and 285,000, respectively. However, job openings increased in the Educational Services, State and Local Government Education and the Federal government sectors. Leisure and Hospitality had layoffs and discharges trending up by 87,000.

Introduction to Retention:  Rage Applying and Why It Is ‘All the Rage’

What is rage applying? This can (and does!) happen anywhere that workers are unhappy and unfulfilled in their jobs. Many experts view rage applying as the natural, albeit “more aggressive,” evolution of “quiet quitting.” Sometimes, this is the result of a bad day, and a worker who spent an afternoon in a bad mood, while applying to a dozen new jobs, can recover. However, rage applying that is being caused by a toxic work environment can damage a company brand, strangling any recruitment and retention strategies. It is important to understand the signs of rage applying from both sides of the equation: from the side of the employee who wants a better work experience and from the side of management who is dealing with applicants who may not even remember applying for the job, if they did so out of an emotional outburst. Hopefully, by understanding the “rage apply,” businesses can take the steps to mitigate its effects.


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