Trucking Industry Recruitment: Driver Health and Wellness

Our new series will look at drivers' health issues, how these health concerns can impact recruiting, what programs and incentives can improve these issues, and how to adjust your recruitment marketing to highlight your company's efforts in health issue mitigation. For this, our first article for this series, today we will focus on the health issues that currently exist and the root causes of these issues.

June Job report and May Job Opening and Turnover Survey

The key takeaway from the June Jobs Report and the May Job Opening and Turnover survey is that, despite the circulating recession fears, we have had a steady job growth matching the average over the last several months. While there might be a dip in the number of open positions, there are still nearly two jobs available for every unemployed person. Some industries have indicated that they will slow down their hiring, while others are still desperate for new staff. It remains a job-seekers market.


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