SMS Marketing: Vital for Local Businesses

SMS Marketing Can be a Game Changer for Local Businesses


Your customers are interested in hearing from your company through text (SMS). SMS marketing is an effective channel for small businesses, which offers an advantage over large chains and online-only companies. According to research presented by Podium through their webinar "The Next Step in Local Marketing, Increase Customer Engagement, Create Trust and Convert Customers for Life," 67% of the people surveyed are interested or already using text to stay connected local businesses. This research further shows local businesses have a leg up with this type of communication against the big chains and online retailers.  21% of people are more likely to opt-in to SMS messaging from local businesses than major chains and 45% are more likely to opt-in to local and online retailers. SMS gives local companies an open and effective channel to truly compete with the big guys. 


Is SMS Marketing Effective?


SMS (text) marketing has proven to be more effective than email marketing.  Your customers are overwhelmed with marketing emails daily, and your messages are often lost in the noise.  As of 2021, adoption of widespread text marketing is not yet in full swing. As such, your customers are not overwhelmed with messages, meaning your communications will not be lost in the mix. Research shows that text messages have a 98% open rate, and they have an 18% click-through rate, more than six times higher than that of email.  The average response time to SMS messages is roughly 90 seconds. 

SMS messages are more trustworthy from your customers' perspective, as less than 5% of text messages are spam.  Customers have shown a 1.8x preference for SMS messages compared to any other form of marketing, including Social Media.  SMS feels more personal to your clients and builds a level of connection with them. 


What Types of Message are the Most Well Received?

SMS messages are more personal than even email style messages, so special care should be taken to ensure that they are relevant to your customers.  Linking your SMS system to your CRM system to ensure that your messages are relevant to your customers’ needs and wants is ideal.  Focus your efforts with SMS less on content and branding and more on actionable items.  For example, loyalty offers and incentives are the most well received SMS messages, though back in stock messages are ideal for those you know are wanting to buy but have been unable to do so. 


How Often should I send SMS Messages?

Do not overload your customers with SMS messages!  It is important to remember that they have given you access to this more personal space, and it is your duty not to take advantage of this access.   While preference for how often they like to receive messages does vary from person to person, research shows once per week is the most effective timing for text outreach. On the opposite end, once per day is too often for most people. 


Unlock the benefits of SMS marketing for your small business and take the opportunity to become more engaged with your local customers.  This ability to expand your connection gives you an edge on large chains and online-only companies.  In today's climate, we are craving a more personal connection to the world around us. Please don't waste this opportunity to reach customers on a channel they enjoy using.




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